Siddhartha’s Best Student

Last night, I met an interesting cat. It happened like this:

Bom Malandro: Yo, where you at G? 
Pirata: Na casa. Tranquilo. 
Bom Malandro: Come to my Taco spot. 
Pirata: Ait

When I walk in, Bom Malandro is with four strangers . One of the guys buys drinks and sits back down next to me. There is an intense urgency about him. Just about as intense as his humility – when he speaks he makes himself phyiscally shrink so as to be more polite. This is in contrast with the biceps popping under his T.

He drawls Hey, sorry. Do you mind if I ask you some questions?

Of course I don’t mind. My name is Mark. I’ve been in Seattle for three weeks. And I don’t know where I am going. My kinda guy, except he sounds so… innocent. I’m from North Carolina. Used t o be in the airforce. Back a couple of years now. just divorced my highschool sweetheart. Live throws you curves. I have this Contract Law Masters Degree through the airforce academy, but it’s just a job. Paying the bills. Maybe this young man can learn to swerve.

Siddartha Seeks Students
Siddartha Seeks Student

Then I find out that he survived the Middle East while working a liaison role. I was dumbfounded imagining this twentytwo year old gringo kid entering a Sheik’s sweltering tent somewhere in the dunes of Mesopotamia with nothing but a translator, a GI badge, and a few of your two trillion tax dollars to try to win some heart and minds with.

Nevermind, he already knows how to swerve. He only needs permission now.

~ His own ~

I don’t understand Peter. The guys I served with, they were my family. We got so close. But I don’t have their certainty of purpose. That is the first step to your truth. Why do you say that? Because certainty follows a continuum of knowledge. Strangely, the less you know, the more certain you are, and the more you know, the less certain you are.

Somehow I need to figure out what to do with my life, Peter. What’s your plan, Mark?  I don’t have one. OH, perfect.

Wait what? Nobody told me that before. Yeah, I know, son. The importance lies not in thinking that your path is somehow special, but in knowing it is your path, and nobody else’s.

What should I do?

Buy a one-way ticket to Thailand. When everybody walks straight, turn left.

Siddhartha Tree Buddha Gautama BUrma Mandalay
Maybe you’ll even find your own Buddha Tree