Peter’s Bio

Playing Berimbao in front of a volcano in Lake Nicaragua

Peter’s mom thinks a little more stability would be a healthy addition to his life, though he prefers to see himself as a rolling stone, not gathering moss… always in flux, brimming and busting out with change, so to speak.

This, his nature, because who else can he blame, has driven him to live on five continents and visit an eff-ton of countries yet he mislikes counting passport stamps. Between running away from a Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone with his family jewels literally in his hands and sitting down on a foot long venomous centipede in Cambodia  he endured a winter in Finland, dived Australia’s Barrier Reef, served fizzy drinks to white-gloved Yakuza in a Tokyo dive bar, never got to surf in Hawaii, and road-tripped all up and down the US West Coast in a beat up white Bronco.

His most recent adventure: Fascinated by the Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira, Peter quit his day job at Microsoft and rode his bicycle from Berkeley to Brazil, following legendary Capoeira Master Mestre Acordeon.

Ride like no one is watching
Peter on his bike in Baja California – about the time he realized he may have acted in haste

During the journey he kept a blog – One Game at a Time – and now he is writing a book about it. It’s basically a tell-all: Sex, Drugs & CycloCapoeira.

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